Sital Combo of Ekagrata, Anusthan, Parikrama, Ratnamala Incense Sticks

  • Brand: Sital
  • Product Code: SSP4EKANPRRA
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This agarbatti from sital can be used for your everyday puja rituals. It helps in keeping your home fresh with its beautiful aroma.

  • Material: Wood, stick and charcoal, Color: Black
  • Weight: 400 grams
  • Package Contents: 1 Ekagrata, 1 Anusthan, 1 Parikrama and 1 Ratnamala Incense Sticks
  • Number of sticks: 60 - 65 sticks (In 100 gms pack of Ekagrata, Anusthan, Parikrama) ; 55 - 60 sticks (In 100 gms of Ratnamala)
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